Transfer of iPad2 files to computer using iPad2 transfer software

iPad is a tablet computer which is designed and developed by APPLE. It contains audio-visual media including books, movies, games, music and web contents. Its size is like laptop computer.

iPad2 is the second generation of iPad having some new features that fixes all the shortcoming of iPad. iPad2 runs the same operating system as run by the iPod touch and iPhone. iPad2 can run its own application and iPhone applications also. iPad2 is also controlled by a multitouch display.

So, to transfer the files from iPad2 to computer or vice versa, you need specialized iPad2 transfer software which easily transfer your file from ipad2 to computer. iPad2 transfer software can transfer iPad movies, music and pictures to computer or PC. Not only this, by using iPad2 transfer software, you can convert CD/DVD, ISO images, audios and videos to iPad2 compatible files. Beside this, iPad2 transfer software can also organize, manage and edit the iPad2 media files.

Features of iPad2 transfer software:

  • Quickly find your media files according to the name of albums, artists, songs etc
  • The track information including name, artists, album etc. can be customized
  • iPad2 movie can be captured
  • Find iPad2 automatically and show all the details like model, capacity, type, format etc of the iPad2
  • Filling and editing of ID3 information is possible

Above some features of iPad2 transfer software are given which makes transferring of file easy in iPad2.

The main functions of this ipad2 transfer software are to transfer the music and movie from iPad2 to computer or PC without any limitation, it works as a converter when you upload any video or audio this software converts it into iPad2 format, it transfer media files to iTunes library also.

User Guide: How to Use iPad Backup Software on Windows system


Download and install the software on your Windows system and on launching the application, the following window is show.


Connect your iPad to your PC and post this the transfer app would display the iPad details, model, version, capacity etc.


Select the iPad files that you want to create backup of. Press the "Import file(s)" button to add local files on your computer. Also, videos, audio as well as DVD movies could be imported.


Select the desired location and click on the Save button to store the file.

Your files are now transferred.